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Restaurants / Hospitality

Restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, anywhere people come together to have a good time Inca Cleaning knows the situation can get messy. We know what it takes to clean your restaurant at the end of the night and get it ready for another day in the bustling kitchen or another round of drinks at the bar. You provide the good times! Let us provide the good shines!

-Industry leading cleaning options that cut through grease and grime.

-Specialized neutralizers that eliminate odors, not cover them up.

-Floor cleaning SPECIALIST! It doesn’t matter the surface, we have the products and know how to get the most out of your high traffic areas.

-Let the light shine in! We offer affordable pricing on window cleaning.

-Customized pricing! You get exactly what you need and we take special request. You’ve got requests for off menu items? We serve them up!

-And of course we offer all of these services as part of our GREEN cleaning!


From sunny side up to last call we know what it takes to keep your business looking good- Call us for a free quote- Order up!

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