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 Inca Cleaning began as a residential cleaning service in 1998 by a mother and daughter team, then known as D&R Cleaning. We provided services in the Washington, D.C and Baltimore metro areas. Back then we learned that it was important for us and our customers to have great attention to detail in everything we did and tailor our services to meet customer needs. Our customers loved it and we were a success!
In 2003 we expanded and began our commercial cleaning service, and in 2010 we relocated to Florida where we are now excited to bring our services to Flagler, St. Johns and Volusia Counties. Once we came to Florida and saw the beautiful beaches and diverse ecology we knew we’d have to do our part, and we expanded our services to include green cleaning.

Also starting in 2010 we renamed, choosing Inca Cleaning so we could recognize our noble heritage. The Incas were an ancient civilization that lived in and around what is now Peru, a country we proudly represent. Our owner, Suehellen, an 8 year US Navy veteran, is a proud native Peruvian and 1st generation American. The name Inca Cleaning pays homage to our past and represents our exciting future.


Our mission is to provide affordable, quality cleaning services tailored to you, and to make our customer’s business needs the number one priority. 


Our services are completely customized and our quotes are based on square footage and your unique needs.


Inca Cleaning is family owned and operated and we are excited to be a member of the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce.

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